Founder and CEO of Red Dot Opening Address

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of Red Dot

CGD Award China Co-initiator Welcome Address

Ph.D Hongmei Lin, the board chairman of Xiamen Culture Media Group

2020 CGD Award Introduction

Sean Shih, the director of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen

Opening Video

CGD Award Winners' Celebration Moments

Cleer Crescent、SHELL

TIN1 Metal Rotate Gel Pen、V'mo magnetic bag、Original Series PP Notebook

Basel Smart Remote Control、Bernier series touch smart screen panel、WIFI Intelligent Control Air Purifier、Memobird G4HD

Multifunctional split air recycle systems

Raise、Inge、bird oil pot、Beta burnisher

Healer、como、W office chair、ENZO、Lorem

Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner、Dongyi acarid remover、Wireless handheld vacuum cleaner、Instant water dispenser、Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic

Vacuum Storage Box

Siphon Drip Kettle、Nel.V60

CGD Award Gold Winners' Celebration Moments

Mi Transparent TV

All-new BMW 4 Series Coupe.jpg

TCL Master Pad

Ball-pointed、IO Rotary Gel Pen、Eternity、Fineliner Set、Rollerball Pen

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory

TEAPOTEA Flower And Fruit Tea(Tea bags)、(Cup tea)


U6 Sink Dishwasher、Q3 Integrated Stove


Leband Ergonomics Adjustable Back Cushion 2.0

X-walk exoskeleton walking rehabilitation training robot(200B)、(200A)

Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

EGO 56V G3 Mower

DPAU smart cooling juicer

Experts Interview

Axel Thallemer, Vincent Créance, and Gordon Bruce from the jury shares insights on design topics.

What and why contemporary good designs

What to look for in good designs

Good design=good business

In-house designers vs. external designers

Importance of design education

Guided Exhibition Tour

2020 CGD Award Guided Exhibition Tour