Exhibition Tour Review: Design Shows the Power of Chinese Brands


“The reason that the FROG DESIGN succeed is that I realized, fundamentally, innovation to a corporation is like oxygen to a human being.”

                                                                                                                                                                       ——Hartmut Esslinger

Founder of FROG DESIGN

Steve Jobs chose the FROG DESIGN and made cooperation with it for Apple llc. The excellent creativity of Harmut Esslinger not only resulted in a single computer, but also laid the design style foundation of “snow white” for Apple and helped it become the world’s most prestigious electronic consuming brand. The meaning of design is to help corporations gain a strategic win and obtain brand vitality.

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen is dedicated to promote the concept “Design as a Corporate Strategy” and launched the updated international award Contemporary Good Design Award (abbreviated as CGD). For Chinese brands, one of CGD’s values is that to provide a worldwide platform and through product design to demonstrate its own brand culture as well as Chinese brands’ potential.

Besides selecting good designs for the contemporary society, most importantly, CGD can provide quality winner services, including exhibition tour in the three Red Dot Design Museums and present with other big name international brands. 


Take the Red Dot Design Museum Essen as an example, international renown brands such as Apple, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas and Grohe are presented in the museum. By exhibiting together with those leading enterprises and exchanging design insights, the energy of Chinese design and confidence in culture can be revealed to the rest of the world.

The following cases help you better understand how the CGD Award provides winner services on the tour exhibitions.


In 2018, the CGD Award made a debut on the international stage, holding exhibitions in Essen(Germany), Madrid(Spain),Malta and Florence(Italy) and Taipei(China) which won wide appreciation from various fields of society.

Essen, Germany

On May 3rd, 2018 local time, the Contemporary Good Design Winners Exhibition had a grand opening in Red Dot Design Museum Essen. It marked the first time that Chinese quality design works to be presented on such a large scale in Red Dot Design Museum Essen since its operation.


The exhibition enjoyed wide attention from the Chinese Consulate-General in Düsseldorf, local media and design institutes around the world. Professor Dr. Peter Zec,the founder and CEO of Red Dot, , and Ms. Tao Lili, the Vice Consul-General of Chinese Consulate-General in Düsseldorf, delivered welcome speeches at the opening ceremony.


Professor Dr. Peter Zec,the founder and CEO of Red Dot

微信图片_20200429113547.pngTao Lili, the Vice Consul-General of Chinese Consulate-General in Düsseldorf

The exhibition not only provided a platform for design works and attracted worldwide attention on these works, but also changed the stereotyped impression of the low-quality of Chinese design and demonstrated the professional creativity and smart ideas of Chinese products. The exhibits have made innovative attempts through different methods, for example, from the combination of spiritual content and material consumption, to offerring better designs and more options for the users, improvement of the visual environment through ingenious design, to maintain elegant oriental life in the globalised competition. These superior designs, rooting in the oriental philosophy and meeting the international standards, made a perfect interpretation of “Contemparory Good Design”. 





Madrid, Spain

On May 16th,2018, the Madrid Chinese Culture Centre launched the Chinese Cultural Innovative Products Design Week with the theme of “Design is Life”, aiming at exploring the sustainable development of design in China and the innovative integration of brand, technology and life under current Chinese design market. The exhibition collected the winners of CGD Award over the past years and presented the innovative thinking of Chinese designers and design enterprises in furniture design, digital products design, packaging design, animation design, etc. Hoping to demonstrate the new momentum of Chinese designers and design enterprises through the multi-dimensional oriental perspective, the exhibition delivered the massive potentials of Chinese design to the rest of the world.



On June 8th, 2018, the CGD Award exhibition tour with the theme “Design is Life” was held at the Malta Chinese Culture Centre in the midst of “Chinese Cultural Innovative Products Design Week”. The exhibition convened excellent works of Chinese contemporary designers and design enterprises. Based on three concepts of “Zen”, “Tradition” and “Innovation”, the exhibition combined videos and interactive experience. The exhibits integrated traditional Chinese culture and contemporary innovative thinking,promoting the contemporary multi-dimensional oriental life to the world as well as showcasing the potential of future Chinese design.


Florence, Italy

On June 14th,2018, the Florence Design Week opened at the Palazzo Magnani Feroni in Florence with the theme exhibition of “The Renaissance of Chinese Design”. The exhibition scene accentuated the exhibits that were put in front of splendid wall paintings with white cubes of different sizes as the basic elements and created a comparison of artistic style between simplicity and complication. Cube and cylinder, as two basic elements of geometry and design, imbued the exhibition hall with flexibility and randomness, realizing a gradual transformation from chaos to discipline which imitated the development of the culture industry. This exhibition, as an indication of the achievement in the design field of Chinese culture industry, made the CGD winners shine on the global stage.


Taipei, China

On May 30th,2018, CGD winners from Fujian and Taiwan provinces attended the 9th Cross-strait Cultural Innovation Industry Exhibition with the title  “Design Innovation” to deepen the culture and innovation exchanges between the young professionals of both sides to promote the connection.

BONNUS, one of the exhibiting corporations, is the gold winner of the 2017 CGD Award, had its representative Ms. Lin Pinjun delivered the following message: After winning the CGD Award, we received many agency applications. This award has provided opportunities and possibilities for them to enter the mainland market.




Seoul, South Korea

On April 24th, 2019, “Oriental Life Aesthetics Exhibition” as one of the main exhibitions of the “Silk Road Culture Month”, was held in the Chinese Culture Center in Seoul, South Korea. The CGD winners over the past years had also been put on show.


Sean Shih, the director of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, had made the opening speech as follows: “South Korea and China are close neighbors. This exhibition hopes to showcase the tea ceremony, incense lore and art of life, which are indispensible elements of both Chinese and Korean culture, through illustrations and tools. I hope this exhibition could become the window through which Chinese and Koreans could exchange insights about oriental aesthetics and culture.


CGD Winner Services

The CGD Award 2019 have experienced an update, ushering a 2.0 era. The award is able to provide 15 types of winner services in 5 categories including product promotion, brand advertising, sales boost and public relations events and brand support.

 For instance:Global Tour exhibitions at three Red Dot Design Museums

Exhibition Opportunities across China

CGD award winners will have the opportunity to attend tour exhibitions held in Red Dot Design Museums in German, Singapore, and China, as well as exhibition opportunities in national airports, high-end shopping malls, culture and creativity parks, design bookstores, higher educational institutions and design expos.