Contemporary Good Design Award 2020 officially calls for entries


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On July 10th, 2020, Contemporary Good Design Award officially calls for entries.  Manufacturers and designers from around the world, whose products are being fabricated in an industrial production process (before Dec 2020) are invited toparticipate in the CGD 2020.

The winners of Red Dot Award: Product Design were announced in the world’s first Red Dot Design Week that just ended, which gained wide attention from domestic designers, design agencies, brand enterprises, faculty and students, and design enthusiasts. At the same time, the results of Red Dot Award: Design Concept are released, while the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design will soon come to an end. As the three Red Dot Awards are about to come to a close, CGD Award, the international design award hosted by the Red Dot awards organization, will soon begin a new year's schedule.

Contemporary Good Design Award, abbreviated as CGD, is an international design award organized by Red Dot. Red Dot Design Museum Essen is dedicated to support the Red Dot Award: Product Design and the Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design; Red Dot Design Museum Singapore mainly supports the Red Dot Award: Design Concept; while Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has a special focus on the Contemporary Good Design Award. CGD was initiated by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KGand Xiamen Culture Media Group in 2015. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating a world-leading design award, Red Dot is in charge of the whole judging process, and guarantees its professionalism, fairness and authorativeness. Outstanding products will receive the accolade as a recognition of top design achievement, and enjoy professional winner services provided by the CGD committee.

International, Professional and Fair

Selecting good designs for contemporary society

Since its inception in 2015, CGD has been successfully held for five consecutive years, and has accumulatively received works from more than 30 countries and regions around the globe. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating a world-leading design award, Red Dot is in charge of the whole judging process, and guarantees its professionalism,fairness and authorativeness.

Previous CGD winners such as Mini Tea Set T1, Meditation Seat Ware, Halo City Electrical Bike, Asthma Protector, such outstanding design works have succeeded in their respective industries.


Mini Tea Set T1


Meditation Seat Ware

Halo City.jpg

Halo City Electrical Bike

Asthma Protector

In 2019, a total of 873 design works were nominated. In the end, 174 became CGD Winner and only 14 became CGD Gold Winner. Among the award-winning designs, there are many well-known brands including Audi, BMW, Baidu, Lenovo, Dell,Siemens, TCL, etc. At the same time, many domestic design-driven innovative brands such as Roidmi, 1MORE, and Intretech also received the accolade.

CGD Award 2019 Ceremony

Up to 14 top-quality winner services for good designs

In 2019, the Contemporary Good Design Award fully opened its era of 2.0. One of the important changes was the customized Winner Services, including winners exhibitions, product and brands promotion, PR activities and sales support, up to 14 winner services to draw worldwide attention to the design quality of the products and the award winners.

In the past 5 years, Contemporary Good Design Award has held global itinerant exhibitions, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, South Korea, and cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei. It has set up a CGD permanent exhibition hall "Design Elements" in Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen. Events including design forums, design matchmaking, Designers’ Night and other industry communication and exchanging activities have been held, providing CGD winners diverse opportunities to cooperate.

CGD Award 2020 Procedures

Contemporary Good Design Award 2020 will invite 9 international Red Dot jurors to do online judging. The nominated products will be delivered to Xiamen for on-site approval, revealing the final list of CGD Award 2020 winners. Due to COVID-19, the award ceremony this year will be held online on December 18th during whichProfessor Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of Red Dot, will deliver an opening speech. Winners from all over the world will celebrate by attending online events.

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