2022 Contemporary Good Design Award: Call for Global Entries Contemporary Good Design: Smart Product Drives Industrial Upgrading


On June 8, 2022, the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) officially kicks off its call for global entries for the new year and welcomes entries from designers and companies around the world, helping them take the first step towards success.




The Contemporary Good Design Award (Hereafter abbreviated as CGD) is an international design award jointly launched by Red Dot and Xiamen Culture Media Group in 2015. It aims to select good design for contemporary society and the winners can enjoy the best winner benefit.


In addition to the 50 traditional categories, the 2022 Contemporary Good Design Award adds a new category: metacategory “Smart Products” and further upgrades the 14 items of winners benefit, assisting award winners to better access a wider global market. Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot, has extended an invitation to global designers and companies to participate in this design feast, jointly promoting global design culture exchange and setting the pace for future design trends.



2022 Newly Added Metacategory “Smart Products”


Currently, the metaverse has become a global buzzword. The integration of technologies such as cloud computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things with modern industrial manufacturing is driving profound changes in product design and industrial design. New products and designs based on smart technology are undoubtedly the universal key to bridge the real world and the industrial metaverse.


The 2022 Good Contemporary Design Award has a newly added category: Metacategory “Smart Products”, which welcomes internet and digital products with intelligent features, such as data collection, data processing, the networking of an entire system or interaction design.


A product design with 'smart manufacturing' at its core will no longer be limited to the design of physical products and devices, but should be an integrated system based on physical products that can provide complete data collection and processing-driven services to successfully fulfilled the requirements that the complex interaction between humans and technology in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.




Benchtop Sequencing Lab

2021CGD Gold Winner


One must first submit your entries in the traditional category before registering in the Metacategory “Smart Products”, and there are two rounds of judging by international juries: the first round of judging focuses on the holistic design while the second round mainly examines the smart features of the product. Products registered in the Metacategory “Smart Products” will have the chance to win two awards and get recognized for their achievements in 'smart manufacturing'!


International, Professional and Impartial

In Search of Good Design for Contemporary Society

Since the inception of the Contemporary Good Design Award in 2015, the Award  have received entries come from over 30 countries and regions around the globe, and thousands of entries have been awarded, ranging from well-known companies such as Audi, BMW, Baidu, Lenovo, Dell, Siemens and TCL, to new brands driven by design innovation such as Intretech and Roidmi.

Red Dot has been responsible for the judging process of the Contemporary Good Design Award over the past years. With more than 60 years of judging experience and expertise, Red Dot ensures the fairness, professionalism and authority of the Contemporary Good Design Award.


Twelve senior design professionals, design media professionals, design school professors and other authorities from different countries and regions around the globe constitute the international jury of the Contemporary Good Design Award. They will judge the entries from nine dimensions, including degree of innovation, functionality, product periphery, durability, formal quality, self-explanatory quality. In this way, the judging incorporate both international perspective while factoring in localization.




14 Items of Winner Benefit Upgraded

Helping Award Winners to Reach out to a Wider Market


Unlike other awards, the Contemporary Good Design Award helps the award winners to enjoy international recognition while thoughtfully offering 14 items of winner benefit for the winners, including display of award-winning works at exhibitions, product promotion, branding, publicity and sales support. It is not only a platform for design and cultural exchange, but also an important channel for Chinese companies to go global and foreign companies to make their ways to China.


The 2022 Contemporary Good Design Award further upgrades and enhances the winner benefit.


The award winning works will not only have the opportunity to be promoted through the official CGD platform and domestic and international partner media, but also be included in the permanent exhibition hall of the Red Dot Design Museum · Xiamen, as well as the exhibition tours of the ward winning works in several countries and regions. Meanwhile, the award winners will also be invited to join the designers’ community and participate in the online and offline Design Talk series of events held by the red dot design museum-Xiamen The winners will also be invited to join the community of designers and participate in the online and offline Design Talk series of sharing sessions organized by the Red Dot Design Museum · Xiamen. They are also entitled to enjoy the CGD annual celebration, gaining more exposure, communication and business opportunities through these winner benefit, as well as reaching a broader market.



CGD Permanent Exhibition Hall at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen



The Designer’s Night of 2021CGD


Contemporary Good Design Award 2022

Global Registration is Ready for Submission

Global Registration for the Good Design Award 2022 is now ready for submission!

Manufacturers and designers from all over the world, whose products are in mass production (i.e. the products must be in mass production before the results of this year’s awards are announced) and whose designs must have been launched on the market for no more than three years (i.e. the launch time shall be no earlier than December 2019) are eligible to enter. Designers and companies can register and submit their entries via the “Registration System” at the top right corner of the website www.cgdaward.com until 14 October.

Entries will be judged online by international juries first, and those that pass the online judging will be subject to on-site approval to select the final winners of the 2022 Contemporary Good Design Award.

2022, Stay Tuned for This Year’s Contemporary Good Design!