8·18 Young Professionals Application Day | How to stand out as a budding designer? Take your chance!


"We usually think that design awards send out a wealth of information, but without a closer look, you are unlikely to be inspired."

---Founder and CEO of the Red Dot

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec


Ever since the inception of the design awards, people have always been dedicated to showcasing the generation and evolution of design by presenting outstanding design works from around the globe. It offers us a glimpse of the latest design trends and a platform for designers to exchange and collaborate.


From a much broader perspective, design serves as the bridge between science and application, technology and life, business and market, production and consumption, and it is the fundamental driving force for the economic development of cities and industries.


A good design deserves to be seen by the world, and a good design award should also act as a bridge, connecting the world with design and leading designers into a promising blue ocean with numerous business opportunities.




The global call for entries for the 2022 Contemporary Good Design Award is now underway. With a vision of selecting good design for contemporary society, and linking up with global design resources and industrial opportunities, CGD helps Chinese brands to make its way to the domestic and international market, connects foreign companies with the Chinese market, bridging design, companies and global business.


"Each year, the winners of the Contemporary Good Design Awards have made breakthroughs and innovation in different aspects, and such progress will drive the entire economy and industry.


Commercial success depends on standing out from global competition, and this is where the Contemporary Good Design Award becomes visible and tangible. It is the first step towards the 'Path to Success' for designers and companies."



Prof. Dr. Peter Zec

Founder and CEO of Red Dot


A great designer is also a great decision-maker, engineer and dreamer. The Contemporary Good Design Award hopes to help more talented young designers to embark on the journey towards design innovation success.


To discover more innovative and outstanding works from young designers, the Contemporary Good Design Award has designated 18 August 2022 as this year's 'Young Professionals Application Day'.


On 18 August, the first 50 Young Professionals who have got successfully registered will be entitled to a free entry, exempting its registration and approval fee (including the traditional categories and metacategory), and a 50% discount on the procurement of basic winner package after winning the award.





 What is Young Professionals Application Day


Q1: How do you define Young Professionals?


Young Professionals refer to designers who have graduated for less than 5 years and they must submit a scanned copy of their degree certificates or other proof when applying.


Q2: If I am a Young Professional, but have already joined the company, am I qualified to apply under the company name?


Yes, you can.


Q3: If I am a Young Professional, can I apply as a team?


Yes, but if you apply as a team, the Young Professional must be the lead designer (if your team wins, the name of the Young Professional will come first on the award certificate).


Q4: What is the difference between Young Professionals Application and regular registration?


There is no difference except for the Young Professionals. Young Professionals are required to upload their degree certificates when applying on the day so that the organizing committee can review whether the participants are qualified as Young Professionals, and the first 50 registered Young Professionals can enjoy a discount.


Q5: Is the Young Professionals Application Day only available on 18 August?


Yes, you can only participate in the Young Professionals Application Day if you have successfully registered (i.e. your registration status is shown as "registered") between 00:00-23:59 on 18 August.


Q6: How do I know if I can get a discount?


Once the application materials have been successfully uploaded, the first 50 registered Young Professionals will automatically be granted a discount of registration fee. Then the organizing committee will conduct a manual review to reconfirm the eligibility of the participants. Qualified participants will be informed of their eligibility within 5 working days. If any of the first 50 applicants are disqualified, the organizing committee will notify the corresponding participants in order of registration to fill the vacancies.


Q7: Do I get an exemption of all the fees and cost for an entry?


Each of the first 50 Young Professionals who have got successfully registered will be entitled to a free entry, exempting its registration and approval fee (including the traditional categories and meta-category), and a 50% discount on the procurement of basic winner package after winning the award.



Budding designers are always ready to take up the challenge offered by international professional design awards. In recent years, up-and-comers in the design world have also been proving themselves with their high-quality design works.


Among the award winners of the 2021 Good Contemporary Design Award are young professionals, whose work ranges from genetic technology, smart homes to everyday items, from smart technology to sustainable design, all of which showcase the outstanding design of contemporary young professionals. Let’s take a lookimage007.png


Benchtop Sequencing Lab

Manufacturer / Brand: MGI Tech Co., Ltd.

Design: MGI Tech Co., Ltd.




2021CGD Gold Winner


D series of Benchtop Sequencing Lab can perform sample preparation while E series can provide gene sequence information of samples. When used together, the two instrument series can cover the whole work flow of genetic sequencing. By reducing the complexity of operation, such high-tech instrument makes genetic sequencing more affordable and accessible for general scientific research and healthcare community.



Manufacturer / Brand: Weinan Haoan Trading Co., Ltd.

Design: Ziren Zhou, Xinran Su , Weinan Haoan Trading Co., Ltd.




2021CGD Gold Winner


WHECAT is a degradable cat litter made from waste wheat straw that has been incinerated. It combines traditional weaving technology (an intangible cultural heritage) with modern production, and is designed by local designers who aspires to contribute to carbon neutrality. The materials are taken from the nature and can be degraded without additional pollution. WHECAT helps to preserve the local culture of Yangguo Village and deliver benefits to the villagers.


Smart Home Control Panel Z3+

Manufacturer / Brand: Beijing Qianding Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Beijing Qianding Smart Technology Co., Ltd., Zhigang Xu


image017.jpg image019.jpg

2021CGD Winner


Smart Home Control Panel Z3+ is a whole-house smart control panel that can connect communities, homes, security, property management and all smart terminals in the home. The overall design of the product reflects geometric aesthetics, and the area is balanced to place functions in a reasonable position. The overall style is easy to integrate with different interior designs. The humanized design of the product will also bring people a better experience.


ROBOTICPLUS Construction Heavy-Duty Chassis

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBOTICPLUS.AI



image021.jpg image023.jpg


2021CGD Winner


ROBOTICPLUS Construction Heavy-Duty Chassis is a platform specially designed and optimized for the complex construction. It makes plans according to the complexity of the external environment, and engages in dangerous construction operations with its superior obstacle-surmounting ability and flexibility. Equipped with a self-developed module, it can rapidly complete the arrangement of the working position of the medium-sized industrial robotic arm.



Manufacturer / Brand: Shenzhen Shengyuan Tech Co., Ltd.

Design: Shenzhen Shengyuan Tech Co., Ltd., Ying Zhang, Huiyue Chen


image025.jpg2021CGD Winner


LINNER 300OPRO is a noise-reducing earphone with the main feature of “clear music and calls”. It is specially optimized for daily commuting and realizes clear listening enjoyment. The earphone combines the selling points of professional sound quality, ultra-low latency, IPX6 waterproofing and integrated control in order to provide more users with the convenience brought by true wireless noise-reducing earphones.


The 2022 Good Contemporary Design Award is now in its regular registration stage

The Young Professionals Application Day will take place in three days, on 18 August, 2022. To help Young Professionals navigate their way around the registration, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on the steps and materials required for successful registration as followsimage007.png



All Young Professionals can take this chance and embark on your path to design success!


Meanwhile, designers from all over the world are welcome to apply! Participants can register and submit the materials for entry by visiting the official website at www.cgdaward.com and clicking the "Application and judging mask" at the top right corner of the webpage to proceed with registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at award.cgd@red-dot.cn.


2022, together we witness contemporary good design!