2023 Contemporary Good Design Award | Call For Entries!


Get ready for the design extravaganza with a global vision in 2023! The Contemporary Good Design Award, open to designers worldwide, began accepting entries on May 18! The awards use traditional Chinese calligraphy as the core visual concept and the calligraphic character "田" as the benchmark, symbolizing the wind vane and measuring stick for excellent works to enter the Chinese consumer market. On this special occasion, we sincerely invite designers worldwide to join this amazing event, unleash their creativity juice on the competition platform, showcase the allure of design, and bring designers and enterprises into the spotlight on the global stage.

The Red Dot and Xiamen Culture Media Group joined forces in 2015 to launch the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD), a platform that bridges design, enterprises, and global business.

The Contemporary Good Design Award boasts 50 tranditional categories and 1 metacategory, including smart products, covering product design, packaging design, and architecture and interior design. The metacategory recognizes those products that excel not only in design but also in specific fields.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot, called on excellent designers and companies worldwide to participate in this design extravaganza, foster global design cultural dialogue, and set design trends.

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner

The first winner of the Best Smart Product after the establishment of the metacategory in 2022

The Contemporary Good Design Award has drawn entries from more than 30 countries and regions across the globe since 2015 and has bestowed awards on thousands of works. The winners include renowned international companies such as BMW, Audi, Philips, Michelin, Dell, Toshiba, Siemens, and more, as well as outstanding Chinese companies like Ecovacs, Midea, Skyworth, TCL, iFlytek, Anta, Tsingtao Brewery, etc.

The jurors of the previous Contemporary Good Design Award all came from the Red Dot Jury. The Red Dot has chosen a team of international jurors with a global vision and a deep insight into the Chinese market, culture, and design trends, based on over 60 years of award evaluation experience.

Previous jury panels

They will evaluate from nine dimensions, including degree of innovation, functionality, product periphery, durability, self-explanatory quality, aligning the final evaluations with a global outlook and local adaptability. The winners showcase the excellence of Chinese design and serve as the wind vane and measuring stick for excellent works to enter the Chinese  market.

The Contemporary Good Design Award has also carefully curated various benefits for the winners, such as exhibitions, product promotion, brand promotion, and sales support while increasing their international visibility. It is a platform for design cultural exchanges and a two-way street for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and foreign enterprises to enter China.

The winners will enter the spotlight and get awards from Professor Dr. Peter Zec, CEO of Red Dot, and the international jury. The winners will have their works displayed at China's first Red Dot Design Museum and the official website of the Contemporary Good Design Award. Their works will also be featured in the Yearbook of the Contemporary Good Design Award. The winners will also get to join global tours, designer salons, and the ranks of world-class designers.

The 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award is now open for registration!

To register, designers and enterprises can visit the official website www.cgdaward.com and click on the "Registration System" button on the top right of the page before filling out and submitting the required materials before September 19.

The entries will undergo an online judging by the international jury panel, and only those that pass will move on to the on-site judging, from where the final winners of the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award will be selected.