SmartAppGuided™ Body Brush Exclusive Edition I 4 in 1

制造商 / 品牌方
Manufacturer / Brand

GESKE German Beauty Tech

设计方 / Design


身体刷是一款必备的美容仪器,具有超柔软的硅胶尖端,可温和而有效地清洁任何皮肤类型。 这款产品专为日常深层清洁而设计,让用户获得容光焕发、健康的肌肤。不同于其他刷子,你可以在刷毛的反面舒适地握持它,也可以使用其吸附支架以卫生的方式存放。优雅的ABS元素令这个版本与众不同。该应用程序配备了一项名为皮肤扫描的人工智能专有技术,可将智能手机摄像头与算法配对,以识别皮肤改善的潜力,并跟踪用户实现护肤目标的进度。与其他同类美容设备的高成本不同,这款设备对消费者来说价格很友好。它使更多的人能够负担得起美容产品并从使用中受益。

The body brush is an essential beauty tool with ultra-soft silicone bristles that gently and effectively cleanse all skin types. The SmartAppGuided™ Body Brush Exclusive Edition I 4 in 1 is designed for daily deep cleansing to leave users with glowing, healthy skin. Unlike other brushes, the back of the bristles provides a comfortable grip and the adhesive stand ensures hygienic storage. The elegant ABS elements make this edition stand out.The App Skin Scan is armed with an AI-powered proprietary technology, which pairs your smartphone camera with algorithms to identify the potential for skin improvement and track the user's progress towards their skincare goals. Unlike other similar beauty devices that come with a high cost, it is price-friendly for consumers, thus enabling more people to afford and benefit from skincare products.