SmartAppGuided™ Facial Hydration Refresher | 4 in 1

制造商 / 品牌方
Manufacturer / Brand

GESKE German Beauty Tech

设计方 / Design



The SmartAppGuided™ Facial Hydration Refresher | 4 in 1 is a pocket-friendly beauty device. With AI-powered Skin Scan, it delivers a refreshing and moisturizing effect anytime and anywhere, based on the user's needs. Our own Moisturizing Cooling Mist Technology works by splitting water droplets into ultra-small molecules in the form of mist that helps the effective components penetrate past the surface layer of the skin. The ultra-fine mist will soothe your skin, giving it a beautiful and fresh glow. It features the Redness and Dry Skin Reducer with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The App Skin Scan is armed with an AI-powered proprietary technology, which pairs your smartphone camera with algorithms to identify the potential for skin improvement and track the user's progress towards their skincare goals. Unlike other similar beauty devices that come with a high cost, it is price-friendly for consumers, thus enabling more people to afford and benefit from skincare products.