T10 Pro 无线手持真空吸尘器

T10 PRO Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

制造商 / 品牌方
Manufacturer / Brand


Puppy Electronic Appliances Internet Technology Beijing Co., Ltd.

设计方 / Design


Shen Di


The machine wasdeveloped for efficient home cleaning. The unique wind rail design enablessuction directly to the ground, which effectively improves suction. Cyclonedust removal method and diamond filter and MIF filter cotton filtering layer bylayer ensure the discharge of fresh air. Wireless lithium battery double geardesign extends battery life up to 45 minutes, meeting the needs of large unitsAll-round cleaning. There are electric brush, electric mites brush, 26CM longflat nozzle, two-in-one wide flat and many other kinds of brush headconfigurations. Each part of the snap-on design can be disassembled andassembled freely. It can be used in all corners of household cleaning. Thesitting style is neat and tidy, and the perfect visual and operational experienceshow a cleaner brand attitude.