制造商 / Manufacturer


Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

设计方 / Design


Wang Rui, Qin Feng, Zhang Qing, Zhen Yuanlu, Yu Haiyang


SH5.0RS converts solar energy into 220V household electricity for daily consumption. It ensures an external power supply in the absence of sunlight by configuring an energy storage module. A circular symbol lights up in blue during normal operation and indicates red for failure, while the design semantics complement the idea of a smart and clean power conversion device. SH5.0RS features a micro-arc, extra-thin curved surface, understated design and lightweight body. The upper and lower bevel cuts are treated with a silver finish, conveying the image of a proven technology. Scanning the QR code provides easy access to the monitoring platform and comprehensive information about the product. Just one mold is required to achieve the multiple configurations of the device, thereby significantly reducing development costs.