Moon Mirror蓝牙音响镜子


制造商 / Manufacturer


Shenzhen Jianyuanda Mirror Technology Co., Ltd.

设计方 / Design


inDare Design Strategy Limited

Moon Mirror是一面兼具颜值与实力的专业化妆镜。当掰动Moon Mirror时,你会惊讶地发现灯光会亮起,宛如月光撒在桌面。喇叭发出呢喃低沉的声音,仿若静夜里最动听的声音。镜子采用哑光金属机身,简约的线条构造出完美的形态。Moon Mirror包含了三个功能:镜子、台灯与音响。超窄边框镜子,触碰镜面按键可调节亮度与冷暖光,附带一个五倍的放大镜磁吸在镜面上。音箱置于底部,与底座相结合,声音低沉优雅。

The Moon Mirror is a stylish and highly functional makeup mirror. A simple rotation of the mirror and the light will be switched on as if moonlight shines on the table. The speaker makes impressive bass performance just like the most touching sound in a serene evening. The matte metal body blending well with simple lines creates the perfect appearance of the product. The product is a combination of mirror, table lamp and speaker. The thin framed mirror has buttons which can adjust the brightness as well as cool and warm light. There is a 5X magnifying mirror magnetically attached. The mirror turns a table lamp with a simple rotation. The quality speaker in the bottom delivers deep and graceful sound.