The project of [FUTURE CURES: SOCIAL DESIGN CO-CREATION WORKSHOP] was officially launched!




On the evening of 23rd March, 2020, the project of [FUTURE CURES: SOCIAL DESIGN CO-CREATION WORKSHOP] organized by Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was officially launched. During 12-days’ recruitment, we received over 2,320 applications. After careful discussions among tutors of the team, 120 candidates from various fields joined the team. They then were divided into 31 groups, including 16 Product Design groups, 9 CommunicationDesign groups, 6 Service Design groups, to carry out the social design co-creation workshop that lasts for 40 days.



Under the guidance of China National Working Committee for UNESCO Project on ESD, this workshop is supported by 5%Design Action, Tencent, Mi, Central Academy of Fine Arts,, Japan Design, Each of them would play their strength and engage in online co-creation, offline promotion and application of outcomes. We will analyze and share ideas on the public health crisis generated by the COVID-19, and together produce outcomes for social design.



It is the ardent members of this workshop who make this project dynamic and full of hope. Among the 120 team members, some are experts from famous corporations and institutions such as Tencent, HUAWEI, Starbucks, Shandong Ailong sign language research center, General Aviation Hospital; some are excellent medical staff and copywriter; some are professional designers who won international design awards. On the launch ceremony, they share experiences with each other, injecting intelligence and power into the social design co-creation workshop.



In the next month or so, members of the [FUTURE CURES: SOCIAL DESIGN CO-CREATION WORKSHOP] will learn general knowledge and determine the field of creation, and eventually produce 20 outcomes together under the guidance of tutors. We believe that professional attainment is the basis for passionate actions, and team-working ability and rich experiences are the key to the desired results. Each humanity-based creation born out of wonderful ideas will come to this world to cure our common future through the social design action.


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After the launch ceremony, the first round of learning and discussion will be carried out within groups of the workshop. Beforehand, 7 tutors have shared their thoughts and experiences with us. Starting from the social environment of the COVID-19, they provided analysis on social psychological coping strategy, insights into design needs and innovation on design thoughts and offered professional interpretation on social areas such as public health, circular economy and social design. The knowledge shared by tutors enables team members to establish theoretical understanding of epidemic prevention and accurately grasp the direction.


The full courses of 7 tutors will be freely accessible on the Wechat official account of [Red Dot Design Museum]. The groups of the social design action will hand in reports on their planned directions of deliverable on March 30th, by combining the inspiration from tutors and their own exploration. Let’s look forward to the results together!