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Contemporary Good Design Award(abbreviated as CGD), is an international design award initiated by Red Dot and Xiamen Culture Media Group in 2015 and undertaken by Design China Ltd., which operates the world's third Red Dot Design Museum and Red Dot China headquarter. It has been held for five years and received more than 10,000 entries from more than 30 countries and regions around the globe. Based on more than six decades of Red Dot’s expertise experience, evaluation is made by international jurors. The two-stage evaluation procedure, including the online judging and an on-site judging, which is carried out according to the top international criteria, make sure the professional and impartial results. With a solid foundation and the Design Talk theme salons toured all over China, the 2019 CGD Award is full of highlights. Let’s review the journey of CGD’s “Pursuit of Good Design”.



CGD Award 2019

Global Launch Event



2019CGD Award Global Launch Event


On May 8, 2019, CGD Award held a global launch event at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen. At the same time, the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen officially set up a permanent gallery for the CGD Award.



2019 CGD Award Global Launch Event


As Björn Steinhoff, Director of Communications & Public Relations from Red Dot said in his welcome address, “With Contemporary Good Design, we want to meet the need for a qualitative and relative judgment of innovative products with a serious and meaningful award. Moreover, Contemporary Good Design shows the world that an international and independent design competition can be located in China and become an essential player in the award world".


Design Talk


From June to August in 2019, CGD Award carried out the Good Design Talk and Social Design Talk touring salons in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen and many other cities, covering topics like design trend, development of design awards, design innovation and sustainable society and so on. Each salon sent out invitation to enterprises, colleges and universities, individual designers, media and experts to share their products, insight and design stories. Together, they held a discussion on the standard of contemporary good designx and its development direction.



Social Design Talk — Beijing

July,3rd, 2019




Designers of all walks of life gathered at Tsinghua university, including guests of academia and operational industry, shared their creative insights and practices around the theme – design’s "ideal and reality, society and business", demonstrated creative and inspirational design solutions, and constantly sparked good ideas about social design


Good Design Talk — Guangzhou

27th June, 2019




The experts of Guangzhou gathered in the Shuter Living Hall of T.I.T. Park. The guests shared their ideas and practices, from design thinking to technology application, from the relationship between design and society to the protection of design, inspiring the thinking of design value — design not only empowers a single product but also the brand and the whole society.


Good Design Talk — Hangzhou





The Good Design Talk theme salon “Pursuit of Good Design” was held at YanJiYou bookstore in Hangzhou. The guests shared insights on the development trend of contemporary industrial design and how Chinese enterprises can better cope with international competition.


Social Design Talk Shanghai

May, 29th,2019




The first Social Design Talk was launched in Shanghai. Three guests, Sean Shih,  — GM of Design China Ltd., Zhang Fei — founder of the belaDESIGN, and You Yang — initiator of the NNN Urban Design Festival, shared their stories and ideas with the audience around the theme “Design innovation and sustainable society”.


Good Design Talk — Ningbo

June 21st,2019




Good Design Talk in Ningbo invited Liu Shujian — founder of Ningbo Morgen Design, Sun Huibing — founder of the Hangzhou Yishe Industrial Design, and Guan Zonglin — the GM of Ningbo Daohe Innovative and Intelligent co,. Ltd. Guests shared their experiences at the scene, contributing to find good design products for consumers.


Social Design Talk Shenzhen

30th, June,2019




The organizer jointly held the Talk with the theme of "design innovation and sustainable society", with Shenzhen Industrial Design Association. The guests on site shared their stories and ideas on sustainable design, public design, design innovation, education innovation and social design with the audience.


Social Design Talk Chaoshan

July,12th, 2019




The Talk with the theme of "design innovation and sustainable society" was jointly held by Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen and Chaoshan Design in the Shantou industrial design city. The guests shared the leading design thinking, excellent works and their views on the value of design on social issues, humanistic design and the value of design for children.


Social Design Talk — Xiamen

July 14th, 2019




On the scene of Social Design Talk in Xiamen, guests shared their attitudes and practices on design, environment and life around the daily utensils.


Good Design Talk Ningbo

July,18th, 2019




Good Design Talk was successfully held in 103 RASA coffee in an old factory of the Hefeng creation square on the Jiangdong north road. Guests shared their design products, insights and design stories and discussed the standards and development direction for the CGD Award.



On-site Judging



The on-site judging of the CGD Award 2019


In the late of October, 2019, the on-site judging of the CGD Award was carried out in Xiamen, where the world’s third Red Dot Museum is located.




The on-site judging of the CGD Award 2019



The International Jury of the CGD Award 2019


CGD follows the international judging criteria and procedures of the Red Dot Design Award, adhering to its principles of high standards, openness, fairness and impartiality. 12 experienced jury members are carefully selected, and they come from different parts of the world, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan(China), Hong Kong SAR and etc. Jury members must sign the “code of honor”to ensure the fairness and independence of the award and analyze the latest design trend.


·Trend: Under globalization, the phenomenon of design localization  and its social responsibilities.


With the advance of society, available resources are diminishing with increasing ecological problems. The product design plays an important role in the solution of ecological problems which requests designers to consider the usage and recycling process and the planning of the product life cycle in terms of the production, recycling and regeneration.


·Trend: the combination of intelligence, technology and humanity


Over the past 10 to 15 years, good design not only pursues a good appearance, but also embodies science-based thinking. On the one hand, product design tries to incorporate human experience into digital world, serving people’s preferences, imaginations and expectations. On the other hand, with the advantages of advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, human intelligence and Internet of Things, the high-tech products interconnect with each other, building an intelligent environment together. 


Please look forward to the next episode for more highlights review on CGD Award 2019!



The CGD Award 2020 is going to open for entries!


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