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On August 23, 2023, Good Design Talk went to Beijing to conduct a salon forum with the theme of "Wisdom Leader - Moving Forward".

At this forum, Su Nan, Deputy General Manager of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, Wei Jiang, Vice President and partner of LKK Innovation Design Group, Co-founder & CEO of LKKER Digital Innovation Design Platform, Xu Chongyue, Director of Industrial Design Center of Beijing Shunzao Technology Co., Ltd., and Lu Bai, Head of Consumer Electronics, SenseTime Technology Innovation and Engineering Center, had been invited to be the guests of honor to share their wonderful views from multiple dimensions and perspectives. Let's have a review together!

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Su Nan

Ms. Su Nan is the Deputy General Manager of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen. She is committed to service process optimization and project management, and has led a number of large-scale design-enabled industrial upgrading and urban renewal co-creation projects, integrating multiple social forces and continuously exploring the fusion of creativity, design, and business.


《Talks on Design Innovation in China from the Perspective of International Awards》

Ms. Su Nan analyzed the design products that have won international awards such as the Red Dot in recent years, as well as their trends and directions, opening up ideas for enhancing the creativity and competitiveness of Chinese designers and enterprises in intelligent design. In her sharing, she mentioned, "China's design and manufacturing development has reached a milestone where it should think about what kind of unique temperament it should have and set its own standards."



Wei Jiang

Mr. Wei Jiang is the Vice President and partner of LKK Innovation Design Group, Co-founder & CEO of LKKER Digital Innovation Design Platform. With 16 years of design and management experience, he has led important design projects for the Palace Museum, Wuliangye, Lenovo, Haier, and other companies and won more than 10 top design awards at home and abroad. He has been responsible for the extension and nationwide operation of the Southwest region of LKK Innovation Design Group and LKKER City Design Center, leading the team to establish product design, branding design, service design, user research, and other capacity segments, horizontally enhancing the service capacity and scope of the LKK brand, and vertically deepening the depth of service with customers.

In 2016, he co-founded the LKKER Digital Innovation Design Platform, which mines the data value of design, links upstream and downstream resources such as enterprises, designers, users, marketing, supply chain, etc. through the digital collaboration mode, and provides innovation and design services for the whole life cycle; formulate innovation and development strategies according to the industrial characteristics of different cities, and help second- and third-tier cities, such as Foshan, Nanchang, Liuzhou, and Yinchuan, to promote the development of production, cities, human beings, and culture by using design as a pivot to improve the soft strength of the city.

《New Era of Digital Intelligence Creative Design》

In the forum, Mr. Wei Jiang analyzed the new direction of business in the era of AI intelligent design, and how design can leverage new modes, new categories, new vitality, and new opportunities with the support of new technology. "We hope to go ahead and create some new ways of design that are in line with the future, to explore some design trends in the future and in the industry, and to turn design into an open thing," said Wei.



Xu Chongyue

Mr. Xu Chongyue is the Director of the Industrial Design Center of Beijing Shunzao Technology Co., Ltd., a winner of the TOP 4 major international awards for industrial design, and a self-driven designer and design manager.

He graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, one of the eight major academies of fine arts in China, in 2008. He was the senior industrial design manager of LG Electronics (China) Design Center and the head of the UED Design Center of Moshon Network Technology, and has rich overseas working experience. He developed and launched the "Xiaomo AI camera" smart camera, which was sold out on the first day of crowdfunding on the Xiaomi Youpin platform and won the IDEA Silver Award, iF, G-Mark, Contemporary Good Design Gold Award, Golden Pin Design Award, and other heavyweight awards. He is currently the Director of the Industrial Design Center of Beijing Shunzao Technology. Shunzao's full family of products has won 35 domestic and international industrial design awards in the past three years.

《Product Design in the Age of Smart Cleaning》

Mr. Xu Chongyue shared in the salon how design empowers and opens the 4.0 era of cleaning products in the smart home living environment. In his sharing, he mentioned, "We consider the direction of product iteration from multiple dimensions, such as product versatility, multi-product applicability, product usage experience, and sales function."



Lu Bai

Mr. Lu Bai is the Head of Consumer Electronics, SenseTime Technology Innovation and Engineering Institute. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which is known as the birthplace of information talents, in 2004. He has 19 years of experience in technology product design and has worked for Motorola, Cisco Systems, and other famous digital and technology companies, and has rich experience in AI technology implementation.

He joined SenseTime Technology Innovation and Engineering Center in 2019. He pioneered the first home robotic arm-type robot in 2022, combining deep vision and industrial robotic arm capabilities to break through the limitations of the movement capabilities of home robots, and created the SenseRobot AI chess robot product, which has caused a huge impact on the field of science and technology and the field of chess culture.


《Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Advancement of Traditional Culture》

Mr. Lu Bai analyzed how AI technology can be better combined with traditional culture under the wave of AI development, and assist the inheritance and development of traditional culture through products. He emphasized: "We have been thinking about how AI can enter the home and benefit all families. One of our general orientations is to explore how this AI capability, which sounds now high-end and distinguished, can empower and promote the development of traditional culture."




Good Design Talk

The Good Design Talk (Beijing) Themed Salon successfully ended and this event is one of the Good Design Talk Series of Events of the Contemporary Good Design Award. Thanks are hereby extended to all cooperators and media for your support during the preparation and organization of the event. More salon details will be released through the Official Account "CGD". Please follow it. More excellent institutions, enterprises, social organizations, and media agencies are welcome to participate in the work and events of the Contemporary Good Design Award.


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The Good Design Talk Series of Salons will be held in different places during the event period of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023. You are welcome to recommend yourself or guest speakers so that more design enthusiasts can hear your voices. We are looking forward to meeting you in the next Good Design Talk!