Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 Ended Successfully with an Intra-day Announcement of Winners!


The on-site judging of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 ended on October 25, 2023.All nominees can check for awards through the registration system on the official website from now on.


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The Contemporary Good Design Award 2023, since began accepting entries to designers worldwide on May 16, has received lots of excellent entries from many countries and regions. On October 25, the nominees for the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 ushered in the first on-site judging by an international jury after a three-year absence.

On-site judging 

The German Red Dot Award Organization is solely responsible for the judging of the Contemporary Good Design Award. The international jury of the Contemporary Good Design Award consists of 12 senior professors from design programs and design schools as well as other authorities from different countries and regions around the world, to select the Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner and Contemporary Good Design Winner, as well as the Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product and Contemporary Good Design: Smart Product, professionally, fairly and impartially.

The jury experienced and evaluated all aspects of the participating works on the day of the on-site judging. They touched each work in detail, tried on wearable clothing, experienced rideable transportation means, and moved and manipulated movable products. The jury selected each entry with an international perspective and high standards. The final outstanding award-winning works were picked up with professional and rigorous eyes based on a full range of exquisite consideration and careful evaluation.


Judging assistants learn about, familiarize themselves with and record the basic information and features of each entry ahead of the on-site judging in order to assist the judges in knowing the entry features in the first instance to ensure objective judgments.

An Intra-day Announcement of Winners Executed

The judging of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 has now been successfully ended! All nominees will be notified of the award results by email from October 26, so please check your registered mailbox. Participants can also visit, the official website of the Contemporary Good Design Award, from the PC, to log into the registration system for inquiries.

Winning the Contemporary Good Design Award will open your door to success. The winners will be awarded premium rights and benefits including the exhibition of award-winning works, promotion of award-winning works, designers' forums, brand publicity, sales enhancement, industry cooperation opportunities, etc., which will publicize your extraordinary achievements and provide you with more opportunities for advancement.

                The Annual Award Ceremony and Designers' Night of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 will be held on November 28! Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot, and international judges will be present at the event to celebrate with the winners from all over the world, so stay tuned!

*The final time of the event is subject to notification by the Organizing Committee of the Contemporary Good Design Award.

Thank you all for your recognition and participation in the Contemporary Good Design Award. Please follow the WeChat official account of the Contemporary Good Design Award or the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen for further details on the competition schedule and the awards ceremony. Let's look forward to the award-winning works of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 together!