2023 Contemporary Good Design Award | The Awards Ceremony and Designer's Night concluded successfully!



当代好设计奖(Contemporary Good Design Award),which is jointly initiated by the German Red Dot Award organization and Xiamen Culture Media Group, has been established since 2015, continuing the international judging standards of the Red Dot Award, aiming to build a bridge between design, enterprise and global business. Selecting good design for contemporary society.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award coincides with the fifth anniversary of the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, this year's tournament judging stage has been completed, the competition between the products ushered in an unprecedented fierce situation. The organizing committee has prepared a grand finale for the designers who have stood out from the rigorous review, in order to recognize and inspire the outstanding designers who insist on good design.


「Live Design Talk」Accompanied by Good Design

Get annual design trends, good design has a trail to follow

Good design cannot divorce from reality, but comes from observation and reflection on life, and is a new trend that can be traced.
The「Live Design Talk」Accompanied by Good Designinvited representatives from international judge, Prof. Cai Jun, Dirk Schumann and Dr. Joseph Francis Wong, each whom focused on science, humanities, and society. They discussed and interacted with CGD award-winning designers, representatives of well-known brands, and design media at the salon to initiating a "brainstorming" about the future development of design.

Prof. Cai Jun, Honorary Director of Red Dot Design Museum・Xiamen, said, " In current circumstance of harsh market competition, as designers, we need to think - even if we do a little bit - to promote and change the relationship between design and manufacturing, industry, and environment."
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2023 Contemporary Good Design Award Ceremony

Witness the glorious moment of Good Design 2023 together!

After the rigorous selection of the Contemporary Good Design Award, 241 winners were officially announced, including 23 winners of the Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner and 1 winner of the Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product. The awarded works cover design products of various levels and fields, from internationally renowned brands to domestic cutting-edge designs, from intelligent industry to human and pet living and medical care.

▲2023 Contemporary Good Design Award part of the winning exhibition works

These works are not only innovations and extensions of existing products, but also take care of the physical and mental needs of human beings. They either focus on environmental issues, take into account the sensory and emotional attachment of local users, or excel in product styling and communication. ...... With the help of the Contemporary Good Design Award, they will be honored and linked to both Chinese and foreign markets, facing a wider stage and more promotion opportunities.

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「Designer’s Night」

Winners and Judges Gathered Together for a Great Event

After the award ceremony,  the “Designer’s Night” of the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award  went down with the twilight. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and Chairman of the Red Dot Award Organization, was on hand to celebrate this wonderful occasion with the international jury and designers.

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Night by the lake, buffet banquet, vibrant jazz band, the shining and glamorous Moonlight Ring, the huge group photo commemorative wall, classical retro swing dance...... As night falls, The Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was the only place still immersed in the jubilation of 2023 Designer’s Night.

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「Design Infinity」

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award Winning Works in Synchronized Exhibition

The "Design Infinity" 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award Winning Works Exhibition was held concurrently with the awarding ceremony. In this exhibition, good design provides an in-depth insight into contemporary needs and takes into account the daily life scenario, from food, clothing, housing and transportation to emotional projection, and the exhibits continue to expand and express the human life in the new era in a more open and integrated way.

The "Design Infinity" 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award winning exhibition works site

The Contemporary Good Design Award provides a stage for designers, giving them flowers and applause to inspire these creators of the extraordinary to continue their march. We look forward to seeing all the designers make more progress and perform better in next year's Contemporary Good Design Awards