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On November 28th, the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award came to a successful conclusion in an award ceremony where innovation and creativity met. A total of 241 design masterpieces stood out and were honored in this rigorous selection process. Among them, the high-profile Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner was presented to 23 outstanding works, while the Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product was presented to one innovative work.

It is worth mentioning that many works are closely integrated with artificial intelligence technology, reflecting the perfect integration of intelligent technology and design aesthetics. These works not only include masterpieces of internationally renowned brands and domestic emerging designers, but also involve diversified fields such as intelligent industry, human, pet life and medical care, demonstrating the design community's keen insight into and application of technological innovation.

Among them, the Integrated Cooking Center (Y1.i) came out on top in the metacategory "Smart Products" of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023, winning Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product 2023.

Integrated Cooking Center (Y1.i)

Brand:Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.
Design: Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.; Haizhong Shao, Jiajie Zhou

Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product 2023
           Contemporary Good Design Winner 2023

As a new intelligent product, the cooking center that integrates the functions of cooking, steaming and baking is equipped with 300+ intelligent cloud menus, and the Internet of Things technology is applied to realize the interconnection and interaction between devices, improving the cooking quality under the premise of ensuring health. The product has a built-in Wi-Fi module and can be controlled remotely with the fiks intelligent interconnection system. The combination of kitchen hood and range through RF technology makes it possible that the kitchen hood works at the moment when the kitchen range starts to work, so that users no longer need to be frustrated by the fumes; moreover, such a combination can better remove steam and fumes, so as to optimize the kitchen environment.

The award-winning designs of the Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023 also represent the top level of design, showcasing different aspects of contemporary design and presenting cutting-edge design trends on a global scale.


Brand:Beijing AIQI Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:Beijing AIQI Technology Co., Ltd.; Yang Zhang, Hu Zhang


Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

Fidget Cube PLUS PLUS PLUS can redefine the happiness on your fingertips and help relieve work pressure and get rid of anxiety and tension. The fun is that the cube can keep rolling and switching from flat to square. The eye-catching combination of gray, white and red makes it easy to play according to the instructions. Not only can it be used as a toy to relive pressure, but also as a desk decoration when a number of cubes are combined together, adding vitality and fun to your life anytime and anywhere.

AUBO S Series Collaborative Robot

Brand:AUBO (Beijing) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:AUBO (Beijing) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.; Ling Zhang, Anqi Sun, Bing Han;Beijing inSpace Technology Limited.; Hao Jiang, Gongshuai Lan

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

It is the first collaborative robot designed for the service sector and the lightest with the same load and working radius. Different from dull and bulky industrial robots, S series features modern design and color matching characterized by science and technology, which is more suitable for service-sector scenarios directly exposed to individual consumers. Moreover, its round shape and design with sufficient gaps significantly improves the safety in use.

Grey Shadow

Brand:Guangdong Huaxing Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Design:Guangdong Huaxing Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The design of this product is derived from Chinese ink and wash painting. Faint grey color diffuses on a plain and white object, creating an artistic conception of Chinese ink and wash painting. The pursuit of true pleasure and noble simplicity is a kind of grey beauty. The aesthetic thought of “ultimate decoration whereas creating plain beauty” has always exerted great influence on Chinese art. The work, applied with milky white and gray mineral kiln glaze and adopting pure manual secondary spray glazing, has a fair and clear base, a uniform glaze layer, and a mellow color. Unique glazing technique and high-temperature firing subtly work together, creating a shape featuring plain, elegant, and unique, which reflects people’s yearning for an unfettered life and pursuit of quality.

Household Atmosphere Lamp Bluetooth Speakers

Brand:Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.
Design:Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.; Junjie Xie, Xuedong Weng, Qilong Jiang, Xin Zhou

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

This product is designed to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in a fast-paced living environment. Elements such as elegant appearance, chic handwork, and rattan texture can help users relax. As a household atmosphere lamp, it can create a gentle and cozy lighting environment, while the Bluetooth speaker can provide a high-quality music experience. The combination of these two features creates an immersive and healing experience for users.

1/2 COFFEE Kulangsu Academy of Fine Arts

Brand:1/2 Coffee Kulangsu Academy of Fine Arts

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The project is located in the old campus of Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design on Gulangyu Island, and was transformed from a large sculpture studio built in the 1980s into a composite art space integrating café, exhibition and retail, while its original style was well preserved. The design focuses on the multi-level expression of aesthetics, demonstrating a corner of aesthetics with a piece of space. A variety of themed design and art exhibitions will be held regularly here, in which the products from global designers are selected to present the core of aesthetics amidst the fragrant coffee steam. Disassemble the reality and ideal and reassemble them into 1/2 to make the visitors in the café become a member of aesthetics, so as to constitute a complete artistic ideal where they can meet their own Muse.

Hohem iSteady M6

Brand:Hohem Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:Hohem Technology Co., Ltd.; Sikang Yang, Min Chen, Xiaogang Zhong

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

Hohem iSteady M6 is a three-axis handheld stabilizer equipped with an innovative magnetic AI tracker with a fill light, which can provide professional and convenient support for video creators and streamers.

A New Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Brand:Sichuan Orienter Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
Design:WuYu industrial design Co., Ltd.; Pengcheng Luo, Bokai Tang, Chenggui Tang, Shiyu Huang, Jinshan Yang

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

This is a new automatic biochemical analyzer with its maximum detection rate reaching 2800 units/hour. There are 50 sample bits after the redesign of the sample dish, and 320 reagent bits when two reagent storage modules are added, so that the SDM module can load 400 samples at one time, greatly improving the detection efficiency. Another innovation is that the analyzer is equipped with a mobile tablet computer, with which doctors can realize remote observation and operation, making it more user-friendly.

XF Whole Scene Compact Small and Medium-sized PLC

Design:XINJE; Weijia Xiao, Donglei Shi, Bingyan Sun, Ling Zou, Chaobo Huang

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

XF Whole Scene Compact Small and Medium-sized Plc is a new generation of ultra-compact industrial control product, and the model of the whole series adopts blade design and ultra-thin body, greatly reducing the installation space. The overall design sees the combination of the visual image of the brand and the simple and clear modeling lines featuring science and technology. Installation and disassembly can be done without tools due to the convenient design, which helps achieve a high degree of unity of form and function. In the context of Industry 5.0, the design can meet the control needs of a variety of different industrial sites.

Adjustable Strength Dumbbell

BrandXiamen EDDE Sports Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:Xiamen EDDE Sports Technology Co., Ltd.; Ping Zhou, Feichen Peng, Jiebin Lin, Fayou Luo, Lingpeng Shen

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The fitness crowd's demand for weight goes in tandem with their own strength, and thus adjustable strength dumbbells can meet their personal dynamic fitness needs, while being shared by family members. 7 sets of dumbbells with the weight ranging from 10lb to 55lb can effectively exercise different muscle groups. Only with 1 second, one can reset the weight, so as to avoid frequent change of weight plates and improve training efficiency. The ergonomic grip is decorated with non-slip knurls, and its curved design can better fit the palm. Dumbbell plates adopt rubber insert molding to streamline assembly steps and cut production cost; and the rubber layer can reduce noise when it is used. The base designed for storage enables users to change the weight only when they put the dumbbell into the tray, which features great safety. In all, it is beautiful in design and occupies small space, while protecting the floor.

Auroara(Titanium Plated Ergonmic Knives)

BrandGuangdong Litaitai Home Co., Ltd.
Design:Guangdong Litaitai Home Co., Ltd.; Zhaohao Zeng, Shirong Zeng

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The curve and cross section shape of the handle of this product is precisely calculated and the design refers to ergonomics, so that it perfectly adapts to different users’ hand shapes. Moreover, the blade is forged with German steel, working perfectly whether it is cutting, slicing or shredding. In addition, the blade is covered with a white titanium coating, which has excellent corrosion resistance and antibacterial effect. It can effectively protect against E. coli and staphylococcus aureus, and is hard enough to be less prone to scratching, which has a longer serve life.

Steel Tape Pro

BrandM&G Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd.
Design:M&G Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd.; Zhuojun Zhao, Jie Peng, Lijiao Yuan, Ximin Sun, Changsheng Ge

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

This precise self-locking steel tape with multiple features is designed for home use, providing accurate measurements with great convenience and safety in such scenarios as house decoration, woodworking, handwork, and everyday measurements. It has a unique modern appearance with simple design and firm hand feel that makes it easy to use. Its user-centered and ergonomic design brings users great comfort and convenience. Moreover, the steel tape can maintain its excellent performance in all circumstances due to its excellent waterproof, anti-slip and drop resistant design.

Rainbow Rack


Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

Rainbow Rack breaks through the barriers of appearance design and provides an exclusive coat rack for children with an open design, in which the hook part can be installed at a position and direction as they like, which is at a suitable height for children to use. The rack has a stable base and is easy to install, where children can take part. The bottom partition can be used as a shoe stool with a proper height, making it easy to change shoes. Both sides of the rack are available, maximizing the space to store the things of two babies, which is more suitable for small households and two-child families.


BrandQiangu Yinji (Xiamen) Ecological Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Design:Qiangu Yinji (Xiamen) Ecological Tea Industry Co., Ltd.; Caibao Li, Minjin Huang, Shengying He

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

Tea creates a natural, real and warm feeling of life for people. As a gift, it can better show the sincerity and warm care of the giver to their family members, friends or lover. This product is developed around the design concept of simplicity, nature, original ecology and vintage tea, which is also reflected on the selected sapele wood imported from Africa. The annual ring pattern on the surface represents the concept of tea hills and vintage tea, clearly showing the attributes of white tea.

Business Travel GaN Chargers

BrandShenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.
Design:Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.; Jiashun Peng, Xuedong Weng, Xin Zhou

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

In terms of design, the series presents a unified style, and the lines are segmented in the golden ratio, which shapes the charm and layering beauty of the product. The combination of two textures produces a unique business style. Technically, the advanced GaN technology is used to realize more efficient and faster charging with a smaller device. Meanwhile, it is equipped with intelligent charging technology, which not only improves the energy conversion efficiency, but also saves time. The product, made of environmentally friendly PC material, is in a small size that reduces resource waste and has positive social value.

T6000 Mobile Energy Storage Power Supply

BrandXinyi Electric Storage (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
                                                   Design::LKK Cultural Development Nanjing Co., Ltd.; Fucheng Liao, Afeng Wei, Yuan Hong, Yao Guo

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

This is an outdoor mobile power with a concave design that protects all terminals and the screen. It has a handle at a 45° angle that works perfectly to avoid bump and drop. The main four terminals on the front are placed at different angles to avoid interference but can be used at the same time. The product itself can be dragged as convenient as a trolley case.

Burger Pan

BrandTmai Holding Co., Ltd.
Design:YESU; Ying Tang

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The target group of this series of square non-stick pans is those who pursue a healthy diet. Consumers can have personalized design for the appearance of the pan, which differs from the conventional cold and rigid features of traditional pots and gives people a sense of intimacy with its colorful appearance. This not only satisfies users’ demand for modern aesthetics, but also adds a sense of ritual and happiness to life.

Yaoguang S Series Handheld Thermal Camera-s1280

BrandIRay Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:IRay Technology Co., Ltd.; Nan Zhang, Yue Xiao, Lu Lu, XiangYi Wang, XiaoPing Guo, DaWei Liu, XiaoYong Zhang, TongYao Liu

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

This product is a thermal camera designed for users with a high demand for image quality. A variety of self-developed technologies are adopted to provide users with unprecedented high-definition infrared images and videos. Its upgraded functions, together with the stable ease of operation, make it suitable for all kinds of industrial temperature measurement, scientific research testing, building diagnosis, etc.

5-in-1 Multifunctional Lamp

BrandShenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.
Design:Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.; Junjie Xie, Xuedong Weng, Ke Zou, Yiwei Zhou, Qilong Jiang, Jiashun Peng

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The product integrates such functions as night light, flashlight, power bank, solar charging, and mosquito repellent, which is light and easy to carry and takes less space in your trip. The compact design of its solar and light modules makes it convenient to store, and the built-in mosquito-repellent cell can effectively repel mosquitoes by simply placing a repellent mat.

Bluetooth Headset BH76

BrandYealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.
DesignYealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Canhong Lin, Jiancheng Zhang

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

BH76 is a high-performance business headset for hybrid working, which is equipped with a retractable hidden microphone stalk and four omnidirectional microphones on the earmuff, forming a powerful multi-microphone noise reduction system. With advanced audio algorithms, it can deliver superior call quality and actively reduce noises. Meanwhile, the headset boasts an excellent music experience. In all, it can meet the communication and audio needs of professionals.

New Multi-function Electric Rice Cooker

BrandOlayks Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
Design:Olayks Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.; Xueyi Huang, Jiahua Wang, Zhengshi Lei, Guangquan Ke, Guotao Liang

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The New Multi-function Electric Rice Cooker combines traditional food culture with new structure technology to provide users with a simple and orderly, healthy and relaxing lifestyle. The product, with the aim of meeting people’s demand for a healthy diet in such a busy modern lifestyle, is equipped with a transparent steaming rack, a ceramic stew pot, a bamboo steamer, and a non-stick thickened inner pot of ceramic glaze to achieve such functions as steaming, boiling, stewing, and stir-frying. Moreover, a multi-purpose rice spoon can be placed on the top cover. The user-centered design provides a simple, efficient, and multi-functional cooking solution by taking many details into consideration.

Hohem iSteady MT2 four in one Camera Gimbal

BrandHohem Technology Co., Ltd.
Design:Hohem Technology Co., Ltd.

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

Hohem MT2 is a four-in-one camera gimbal, compatible with mirrorless camera, mobile phone, card camera, and action camera. Different from other counterparts with cumbersome clamps, its innovative design of quick mounting system Multi 4.0 costs only 3 seconds by rotating the camera 90° that is equipped with a L-type quick mounting bracket and pushing it along the slot of the mounting base. The gimbal has an AI magnetic fill light module, which can help follow the human figure in the camera only with some simple gestures, reducing the shooting difficulty of independent creators.

Xiaomi TV Master Series 86" Mini LED

BrandBeijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd.
Design:Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd.; Hao Chang, Qi Qiu, Luxi Wang, Zhipengcheng Bao, Rui Yin, Yangyang Cai

Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner 2023

The 86'' Mini LED TV of Xiaomi Master Series stands out for its superior audio-visual performance. It adopts advanced Mini LED technology with 1000+ backlight partitions, 1500 nits of peak brightness, and 144Hz high refresh rate, which provides users with superior image quality. The 86'' display size creates an immersive visual experience, and the 3.1 surround sound field of 70W Dolby Atmos brings superior sound quality. Its bezel-less design with gold lines and perfect combination of pure glass and delicate metal show great elegance and attraction. An ingenious wire management system hides the wires inside to ensure a tidy and beautiful appearance.