Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 | Online Exhibition of Winners Officially Launched!


Design, as a tool created by human beings, not only showcases human wisdom, but also serves as the driving force and manifestation of human civilization and social culture.

A total of 241 award-winning designs of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 were officially announced, including 23 Gold Winners and 1 Best Smart Product. The award-winning designs cover products in different aspects and areas, ranging from internationally renowned brands to domestic emerging designs, and from intelligent industry to people and pets, daily life, medical treatment, etc.



The Online Exhibition of Winners for Contemporary Good Design Award 2023 has been launched to help Design better understand the award-winning designs. Please visit the CGD official website at for more information about the award-winning designs.


Which designs stand out in the Contemporary Good Design Award 2023?


We have compiled the outstanding designs of some categories. They not only serve as the innovative extension of existing products, but also address people’s physical and mental needs. They either focus on environmental issues, or are closely related to the feelings and emotions of local users, or stand out for its excellent design style, striking a good balance between functionalities and humanistic care, so that users can also enjoy the charm of good design in their everyday lives!

Let’s have a sneak peek!

 「Packaging Design」 

As the Internet further boosts the e-commerce sector, packaging design will surely exert increasing impact on consumption. Apart from arousing consumers’ shopping desire, successful packaging design can also bring better user experience. It is an important way to build brand image and develop brand marketing strategy. The future of packaging design is witnessing a trend that features sustainable development, brand concept, bold and unique visual design, and humanistic care.

Inikin Ink-free Volcanic Bottle

Brand: Yili Group

Design: Yili Group

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Inikin volcanic natural mineral water comes from Changbai Mountain. On World Environment Day, Inikin launched a series of packaging work. Abandoning traditional labels, the packaging is made by ink-free laser engraving technology. The label takes the crater as a unified background and selects four rare animals and plants from Changbai Mountain applying to design, which presents a good volcanic water source breeds rich and diverse rare creatures.


Brand: Qiangu Yinji (Xiamen) Ecological Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Design: Qiangu Yinji (Xiamen) Ecological Tea Industry Co., Ltd.; Caibao Li, Minjin Huang, Shengying He

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Tea gives people a natural, authentic, and warm feeling of life. We have developed this product based on the design concept of simple, natural, original ecology, and vintage tea. We have selected imported Shapiri wood from Africa, reflecting the concept of simplicity, nature, and original ecology of our tea. The annual ring pattern represents our tea mountain and the concept of vintage tea, and also expresses our brand concept of 'true vintage, good white tea'.

Zhushouwu Mooncake Gift Box

Brand: Zhushouwu

Design: Nanjing Miaoya Studio; Anqi Zhou, Bowen Fang, Jili Zhao, Qiqi Hu, Fei Zhao

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The gift box features the theme of "searching for the moon" and tells the story of the moon rabbit and the moon during the Mid Autumn Festival. The front of the gift box uses drag shadow lines to create an atmosphere of wind blowing bamboo forest, and rabbits shuttle through it in different forms, as if searching for something. Opening the gift box, you can see a golden "Moon Hunting" themed sticker, with an internal gold rope tie, full of details and a sense of ceremony.

 「Personal Care, Wellness and Beauty」 

As consumers pay more attention to health and well-beings, their demand for efficient and high-quality products is growing; the concept of “exquisite and minimalist” design is increasingly valued by consumers. Meanwhile, AI is gradually reshaping the industry with its efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness, while being further integrated into consumers’ daily lives. As a result, brands that focus on innovation and environmental protection will register greater growth. These trends and changes will have an impact on the global beauty and personal care market.

K3-2 Removable Vaist Massager

Brand: SKG Health Technologies Co., Ltd.

Design: SKG Health Technologies Co., Ltd.; Hongchao Zhou, Guiyuan Li, Yongde Xu, Degang Li, Shuai Liu, Zhiwei Liu, Hao Pang, Xiao Xie, Yunfei Zhu

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For young office workers sitting for too long, resulting in lumbar muscle strain. But the skin belt is easy to dirty, producing sweat oil.
1/ This product is designed at both ends of the simple physical buckle, just click, can be quickly replaced and cleaned, more clean and hygienic.
2/ If the strap is damaged, it can be replaced, which is more green and economical.
3/ Straps of different lengths can be combined for application on legs, arms, abdomen, etc.

E3-2 Air Sac Massage Eye Mask

Design: SKG Health Technologies Co., Ltd.

Design: SKG Health Technologies Co., Ltd.; Hongchao Zhou, Guiyuan Li, Yongde Xu, Degang Li, Xiao Xie, Yisha Zeng, Shuai Liu, Hao Pang, Yan Li

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E3-2 Air Sac Massage Eye Mask is designed to ease eye dryness, fatigue, and redness caused by excessive eye strain among office workers. It features a self-developed technology of "multi-point air pressure massage" that stimulates and applies pressure to the eyes' acupoints, relieving muscle and symptoms such as dryness and fatigue. The built-in heating technology eliminates bloodshot eyes effectively. The massage process is accompanied by soothing music, providing the users with extreme relaxation. The eye mask is crafted in vacuum degree technology and formed in both glossy and matte finish as an integration. Outside changes can be seen when users wear the eye mask, fashionably similar to sunglasses.

SmartAppGuided™ Lip Volumizer & Booster | 6 in 1

Brand: GESKE German Beauty Tech

Design: GESKE GmbH

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The SmartAppGuided™ Lip Volumizer & Booster is a cutting-edge beauty tech device that uses localized vacuum in tandem with specially formulated GESKE serums to create instantaneous results: youthful, fuller-looking lips. Featuring two easily interchangeable attachments, it can be used targeting upper lips, lower lips or both at the same time, stimullating the collagen production with its 3 full-spectrum pulsing modes. The app comes with an AI-powered proprietary technology called Skin Scan that pairs the smartphone camera with algorithms to identify potential for skin improvements, as well as track any progress towards the users skincare goals. Unlike the costs of other comparable beauty devices, the prices for the consumer are held low. It leads to more people being able to afford the beauty product and benefit from the usage.

Yoose ICE

Brand: Shenzhen XIVOLIFE Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Shenzhen XIVOLIFE Technology Co., Ltd.

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The first fully transparent design on the market, diamond cutting design of transparent materials, forming a unique light transmission and refraction performance, to build a multi-level industrial aesthetics, with cyberpunk style ultra-thin digital screen, clearly display PCB circuit board and precision structure, ultra small body, easy to carry, a trend piece specially created for young people.



 「Babies and Children」 

China’s industry of baby and child products has witnessed a nearly 40-year development. With the expansion of its market size and the slowdown of population growth, consumption upgrading and refined operation are the new growth engines of the industry.

As Post-90s and 95s become a new generation of parents, they are becoming the main consumers of baby and child products. They have a higher willingness and ability to invest in parenting, maternal and infant care, and pursue science-based parenting and refined feeding. Accordingly, they put forward higher requirements for personalized, high-quality, and science-based baby and child care products. Against this backdrop, high-end products + services are becoming a new market where companies compete to grab the market share of consumers of baby and child products.

Bixdo K30 Kids Water Irrigator

Brand: Bixdo (SH) Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Bixdo (SH) Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.; Chengshen Tan, Ningning Zhao, Mingzi Sun, Yixin Huang

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The K30 oral irrigator is the industry's first one to utilize top-level sensing technology. It automatically stops the water jet when it senses that it is at a certain distance from the lower jaw, ensuring that the water column does not pose a threat to the child's safety. It has a long-lasting battery life and can be used for up to a year on a single charge. During charging, it also has an automatic sterilization function, with an effectiveness of up to 99.99%.


Zebra Logic Learning Tablet

Brand: Zebra Education Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Design: Zebra Education Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.; Jianhua Lai, Zhuo Chen, Zhaoqian Xu, Ziji An, Haichen Zheng, Qiao Tang

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Zebra Logic Learning Tablet is an early education machine focusing on the general enlightenment training of children aged 3-8 years old.

The product shape is concise and rational,and the function partition is clear.It is easy to use and anti-blue light through the"paper screen touch".The product also supports upgrading and expanding the content,which is practical and environmentally friendly.

AI Baby Monitor

Brand: Vizolink (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Design: Shenzhen Gravity Industrial Design Co., Ltd.; Peizheng Zhu, Yangquan Diao, Aihui Huang

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The shape of the guard adopts the image of planets and rings, the soft geometric language gives it a friendly atmosphere, and helps it to integrate with the surrounding environment, creating a comfortable growth environment for infants and young children.

 「Home and Furniture」 

The booming economy and rising living standards allow people to enjoy better housing conditions, thus there comes higher demand for home furniture from both functional and visual aspects. As the idea of “deemphasizing renovation while emphasizing decoration” gets deeply rooted in Chinese people’s mind, China’s future home furniture market will witness a trend where consumers attach importance to improving comfort of living, show their cultural taste with home design, and prefer customized designs that satisfy a variety of use scenarios.

Rainbow Rack

Brand: AVDAR

Design: AVDAR

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We've designed a kid-friendly coat rack with open hooks for customizable placement, a stable base, and a dual-sided layout for space efficiency. It's perfect for small homes and families with multiple children. 


Brand: Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Design: Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.; Junru Wang, Chensi Tang, Sheng Bai

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This bed is designed to envision future lifestyles and is inspired by a highly futuristic design. It redefines comfort and has obtained a national utility model patent. The bed can be freely adjusted from 107° to 135° according to ergonomics, allowing users to experience different angles of support. It caters to various life scenarios such as reading, listening to music, and applying facial masks.

Super Chair


Design: Nicholas Baker Studio;Nicholas Baker

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The Super Chair is a stackable monobloc chair distinguished by a unique rectangular silhouette and organic shape, creating a distinctive visual appeal. The chair is entirely made of 100% recyclable materials in Italy and it is produced with injection moulding technology and treated with a silky finishing for a matte and soft-touch effect. Designed for both retail and contract markets, it is suitable for various environments, including indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal chair for living rooms, dining areas, commercial spaces, and healthcare facilities. The chair's fluid form and overall rectangular contour create a striking visual effect, while the softness generated by the matte surface enables it to outshine similar products on the market. Additionally, a diagonal design adds a unique dynamism to the product itself.

「Household Appliances and Household Accessories」

The products in the category of household appliances demonstrate users’ pursuit for the quality and taste of family life. As intelligent functions are applied to a variety of categories and application scenarios, large household appliances tend to focus more on users’ needs, while small ones would adopt emerging technologies for greater convenience.

DreameBot X30 Series

Brand: Dreame Innovation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Design: Dreame Innovation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.; Nan Jiang, Ning Nie, Shuai Liu

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DreameBot X30 series is a high-performance, maintenance-free flagship sweeping and mopping all-in-one robot. The bionic "robotic arm" wiper wipes the corners of the sweeping machine. The active double-scraping arm base station is self-cleaning and truly maintenance-free. The active cutting and anti-tangle roller brush solves common tangle problems from the root. The mop automatically disassembles and assembles, enabling true sweeping first and then mopping.

Roborock Zeo Mini M1

Brand: Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Roborock; Fanwei Meng, Wanqi Li, Kai Sun

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M1 is a washer-dryer designed for Asian women. It comes with the industry's pioneering drying technology – the Zeo-cycle™ low-temperature drying technology for luxurious garment care and efficient drying, as well as the Roborock linclear system and auto dosing system for a hand-free experience. It's compact yet fully functional, meeting the increasingly stringent segmented needs for washing and care.

Slim Garbage Bin

Brand: Guangdong Ecoco Group Co., Ltd.

Design: Guangdong Ecoco Group Co., Ltd.; Yuqiang Zhao, Hui Lu, Zheqi Li, Shifei Wang, Caisheng Shen, Gang Yu, Shenghai Qin, Jianping Wen, Yonghui Cao

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It's a slim garbage bin allowing easy sealing and packing with one hand. The slim shape can fit into various narrow gaps. A single pull of one hand is all it takes to seal and pack and it's more energy-saving and eco-friendly for no electricity involved. With the packing function and identifying handle, it fulfills its role in varied scenarios, which conduces to industrialization.

「Outdoor and Camping Equipment」

Camping has become a favored way for people to spend their holidays when short-distance tour went popular in recent years.


The change of young people’s lifestyle makes lightweight and exquisite camping activities with social attributes stand out, which enriches the categories of outdoor equipment. Outdoor camping products that boast detailed categories, more convenience, and an integration of multiple functions will become the future trend.

Stardome Glamping Tent


Design: Zhejiang Hengfeng Top Leiure Co., Ltd.; Yanbin Xu

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This is a tent designed to save resource by reducing cost for user training, bulk production and after-sale service. All the designs are based on the principle of standardization, make each component in same structure at maximally, which can reduce the production operation steps and reduce unnecessary waste of resources; At the same time, due to the same pole design, users don’t need to learn too much building skills, which eases the difficulty of setting up a large tent.

Brew & Infuse On-The-Go: The Nomad Coffee/Tea Set

Brand: Guangdong AWADA Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

Design: MFT Industrial Co., Ltd.; Ivan Tan, Sarah Yu, Gary Kuang

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Brew&Infuse On-the-go: The Nomad Coffee/Tea Set is a newly designed pour-over coffee tool, aiming to provide convenience and lightweight portability for outdoor activities. It features an innovative integrated and stackable storage method, where a single kettle-sized space accommodates a kettle for boiling water, a detachable pour-over kettle spout, a coffee pot, a filter cup, a tea strainer, and three small cups. Users can make coffee by simply fixing the spout and placing the filter, or brewing tea by replacing the filter with the tea strainer after removing the spout. After that, users can enjoy it on their own or share it with friends in small cups.



5-in-1 Multifunctional Lamp

Brand: Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.

Design: Shenzhen QiAo Communication Tech Co., Ltd.; Junjie Xie, Xuedong Weng, Ke Zou, Yiwei Zhou, Qilong Jiang, Jiashun Peng

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The product integrates the functions of lamp, flashlight, charging, solar battery charging, and drive midge, which relieves the burden of luggage when traveling outdoors for traveling lightly. The solar module and lighting module are compact in design and easy to store, and the built-in mosquito coil compartment can easily repel mosquitoes just by inserting mosquito coils.

「Smart Manufacturing」

As we stepped into the digital age, the accelerated integration of intelligent technologies has been making every stage of the manufacturing industry increasingly intelligent, including design, production, management, and service. Meanwhile, it has profoundly reshaped our lifestyle.

The integration of Internet technology, artificial intelligence and digital technology into traditional product design gradually builds the product into an Internet-based intelligent terminal with such functions as dynamic storage, communication, and analysis, endowing it with digital characteristics. Moreover, it can meet the individual needs of consumers for innovative product design, thus enhancing the market vitality.

AUBO S Series Collaborative Robot

Brand: AUBO (Beijing) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: AUBO (Beijing) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.; Ling Zhang, Anqi Sun, Bing Han;Beijing inSpace Technology Limited; Hao Jiang, Gongshuai Lan

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AUBO S series is the first cobot designed for service industry. And it is the lightest cobot under the same load and working radius. Different from the rigidity and bulkiness of industrial robots, S series adopts a modern design style and technological color scheme, which is more suitable for service industry applications directly aimed at individual consumers. At the same time, the sleek and sufficient clearance design significantly improve the safety.

Intelligent Rail Transit Bottom Inspection Robot

Intelligent Rail Transit Bottom Inspection Robot

Brand: Deep Glint

Design: WuYu industrial design Co., Ltd.; Cheng Liu, Bokai Tang, Shiyu Huang, Hualin Yu

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The new intelligent rail transit robot's detection program has covered 200 common fault items and trouble spots on trains, with a processing speed of 20,000 per hour. In particular, the success rate of important fault diagnosis is over 99% . The traditional manual detection, a train under the time is 160 minutes, the need for four professional staff at the same time. As a result, this greatly reduces the human cost and the probability of error.

CMCC Smart Student ID

Brand: China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd.

Design: China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd.; Wei Shang, Xun Cao

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CMCC Smart student ID, helps parents and schools grasp the safety information of their children's arrival at school and outside school, and effectively prevent children from becoming addicted to electronic devices. we use classic minimalist modeling elements, through the modular design language, highlighting the function of the speaker, making the product language unique and easy to identify, and at the same time simple and easy to understand.

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