TCL AI智慧面板

TCL Master Pad

制造商 / 品牌方
Manufacturer / Brand


Shenzhen TCL Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

设计方 / Design


TCL Electronics Holdings Limited IDC-Industrial Design Center

TCL AI智慧面板的核心价值在于帮助用户实现更便捷的智能家居控制。通过运用微折面及表面纹理区隔的设计,帮助用户在视觉及触觉上直观分辨不同按键区域,更易操作,同时保持了整体设计的完整性和精致感。多个面板并行安装时,折面贯穿延伸,形成了有如“地平线”般贯通的视觉形象,蕴含着平和宁静的气息。用户也可选择多种纹理/色彩来适配家居环境,带来温暖贴心的体验。

TCL Master Pad is an intelligent panels series which help users achieve more convenient smart home control. A mildly-folded line and different texture applications allow users to navigate different control buttons through touch and vision intuitively and conveniently. Meanwhile, it maintains the design integrity by keeping two functional switches in one piece to reduce gaps and defects. When multiple panels are installed in parallel, the mildly-folded surface extends through the panel, creating a visual image of a 'horizon line' and a sense of calm and serenity. Users can also choose from various textures/colours to fit their home environment, providing a warm and intimate experience.