7·18 Young Professional Application Day丨How could a young professional enter the global vision? NOW!



"We usually think that design awards send out a wealth of information, but without a closer look, you are unlikely to be inspired."

---Founder and CEO of the Red Dot

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec


The global call for entries for the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is now underway. With a vision of selecting good design for contemporary society, and linking up with global design resources and industrial opportunities, CGD helps Chinese brands to make their way to the domestic and international market, connects foreign companies with the Chinese market, bridging design, companies and global business.

To explore more innovative and outstanding works from young designers, the Contemporary Good Design Award has designated July 18 as the "Young Professional Application Day" in 2023.


To encourage and support young designers, the first 50 submissions by young designers can enjoy a Young Professional Application discount.

(The discount includes free charge of registration and nomination, Winner Package 50% off.)


What is Young Professional Application Day?


/Q1: How do you define Young Professionals?

Young Professionals refer to designers who have graduated in the past 5 years, and they must submit a scanned copy of their degree certificates or other proof when applying. 


/Q2: If I am a Young Professional, but have already joined the company, am I qualified to apply under the company name?

Yes, you can.


/Q3: If I am a Young Professional, can I apply as a team?

Yes, but if you apply as a team, the Young Professional must be the lead designer (if your team wins, the name of the Young Professional will come first on the award certificate).


/Q4: What is the difference between Young Professionals Application and regular registration?

There is no difference except for the Young Professionals. Young Professionals are required to upload their degree certificates when applying on the day so that the organizing committee can review whether the participants are qualified as Young Professionals, and the first 50 registered Young Professionals can enjoy a discount.


/Q5: Is the Young Professionals Application Day only available on July 18? 

Yes, you can only participate in the Young Professionals Application Day if you have successfully registered (i.e. your registration status is shown as "registered") between 00:00-23:59 on July 18; otherwise, it will not be included in the Program.


/Q6: How do I know if I can get a discount?

Once the application materials have been successfully uploaded, the first 50 registered Young Professionals will automatically be granted a discount on the registration fee. Then the organizing committee will conduct a manual review to reconfirm the eligibility of the participants. Qualified participants will be informed of their eligibility within 5 working days. If any of the first 50 applicants are disqualified, the organizing committee will notify the corresponding participants in order of registration to fill the vacancies.


/Q7: Do I get an exemption from all the fees and cost for an entry? 

Each of the first 50 Young Professionals who have got successfully registered will be entitled to a free entry, exempting its registration and approval fee (including the traditional categories and meta-category), and a 50% discount on the procurement of the basic winner package after winning the award.


Contemporary Good Design Award

Selected Design Works Originated from the Young Professional Designer



Freedom Series


Brand: Xiamen Leelen Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Xiamen Leelen Technology Co., Ltd.

Yiting Zhuo, Liqing Huang, Wei Lin


Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2022


Inspired by vinyl records, Freedom Series is composed of a smart panel and a smart screen. The smart panel can be flexibly matched and replaced to realize intelligent control and intelligent linkage throughout the house and provide active intelligent services to create a comfortable smart home experience for users. The dual screens display different contents and can be operated independently. The ring buttons are used together with the UI interface to make fine adjustments and achieve a more efficient and convenient interactive experience.


British Svenson Packaging Design

Brand: Svenson

Design: Sun Design

Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2022


The hair treatment product market is filled with many packaging designs. Svenson Packaging Design is inspired by the hair structure. It contains the pre-washing element, hair conditioner, shampoo and nourishing liquid, which are used in different positions of hair as a set. When the outer package is opened, the hair package automatically rises, giving people a sense of ritual. It emphasizes the careful care of your hair.



Brand: Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Junyu Ma, Yun Lv, Junrong Wang, Yongming Lin

Contemporary Good Design Award GOLD WINNER 2021


HPRT Z1 is an instant imaging camera. It features a minimalist shape, and a handle with matte and fine leather texture, providing a pleasant tactile experience. Thanks to its proprietary structure and color management app, its compact posture allows for clear imaging and fast film output speed. Up to 8 kinds of filter effects can be selected for photos through the knob. It is easy to operate and offers the users with great fun for instant photography.


Painting Chair

Brand: Shan Le Co., Ltd.

Design: Asia University

Ziqing Gao, Peng Jyun Liu


Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2021


Inspired by geometric compositions and color choices in Mondrian’s abstract paintings, the Painting Chair chooses recyclable birch slabs, making it light in weight and highly durable. When suspended, it is a painting. The components are can be easily adjusted, assembled, disassembled, and replaced without compromising the integrity of the painting. Users can turn the painting into shelves, tables or children’s chair and the height can also be adjusted accordingly.


Lucky Cats Tea Table

Brand: Nantong Shiying Home Furniture Co., Ltd.

Design: Hangzhou Shiying Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Tianran Jiang


Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2021


Lucky Cats Tea Table, an innovative piece of furniture for both human and pets. Inspired by cats’ habit of "burrowing into boxes", we’ve created a vibrant design form. The structure includes three parts - the upper part is a round tabletop for placing cups, the intermediate part can be used to store small toys or snacks for cats, and the lower parts can be used as a cat nest.  We hope that mankind and pets could live together in a more harmonious scene with this product.


Grace Auto Flip Oil Bottle


Design: Zhiyuan Xing


Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2021


This is an oil bottle that can be elegantly used in the kitchen. Stereoscopic wavy surface texture, T-shaped handle and smooth curve make it chic. Thanks to its gravity structure, when the oil bottle is tilted, the little protective cap will automatically open. It boasts an elegant and minimalist look. A completely shielded interior is chosen, making it delicate and easy to clean.


See you in Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) 2023

The Young Professional Application Day will be set on July 18!


Please seize the free opportunity to realize your design dream! To help young professionals sign up for smooth participation and detailed registration steps and required materials, please refer to the link.